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World’s Fattest Boy Undergoes Incredible Transformation After Losing Weight


A boy once known as the world’s fattest boy has turned his life around after losing so much weight.

Arya Permana, 16, says he is now being told he is ‘handsome’ after losing half his body weight using a strict diet and rigorous workout routine designed by a famous trainer.


The teenager, from Indonesia, weighed 30th (190kg) when he was heaviest aged 9, and had to be washed in a swimming pool outside his house after he was outgrown to fit in the shower.

Now he weighs around 13.5 kg (87 kg), which is half of what he weighed at his highest weight.

Indonesian MP Dedi Mulyadi, who first met Arya in 2016 after his weight made him famous, shared before and now photos to show the teenager’s progress.


Arya at 9 years old

Dedi captioned the photo: “On July 12, 2016, I once visited Arya Permana who is receiving medical treatment at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung.

“Arya was 420 pounds at the time. Now that I’ve read the media, it turns out Arya’s body is back to normal like kids in general.

“The kid looks handsome in glasses and turns out he’s handsome too. Stay healthy son, a bright future awaits you. Happy Sunday to all the kind internet people wherever you are.”



The teenager’s transformation was made possible by celebrity trainer Ade Rai.

Ade started working with Arya in 2016 and helped her get back into shape.

Arya’s transformation was aided by bariatric surgery, which shrunk her stomach and helped the boy curb his appetite.

The teenager’s father, Ade Somantri, said he was grateful to diet, exercise and surgery for his son’s new look.


He said: “Arya has successfully lost weight through bariatric surgery, diet and regular exercise.

“To me, they’re all good and supporting each other.”

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