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Woman Skips One Meal A Week So Her 6 Cats Don’t Go Hungry

Woman starves herself to just one meal a week so that her 6 cats don?t go hungry

A British woman has revealed she decided to starve herself because of the cost of keeping her six pet cats.

According to Yasemn Kaptan, 46, she only eats one meal a week consisting of grilled vegetables like peppers, onions and salad.

Yasemn from Tottenham, north London, UK, said she drank mint tea at breakfast, lunch and dinner to ward off hunger and lost five stone during of the past year.

Woman Skips One Meal A Week So Her 6 Cats Don't Go Hungry

Yasemn said, “I don’t have money to spend, but I can’t let the cats go.

“They grew up with us. I’ve had them since they were little babies.

“I paid a lot to have them, they are at the end of their life. it’s really not right to let them go.

“If I eat, it has to be something sweet like yogurt or vegetables. I cry every other day, I try to be happy with myself but I’m depressed and tired.

Woman Skips One Meal A Week So Her 6 Cats Don't Go Hungry

“Some weeks I don’t eat right at all and just have fluids to keep going.”

Yasemn got the cats while working as a personal shopper and could “comfortably” afford them, but said she had to quit her job last year after being diagnosed with osteoporosis.

She receives a monthly disability benefit of £400 due to her osteoporosis, and this is used to pay her rent and bills.

Yasemn also receives a home carer’s allowance of £69 a week to care for partner Erdinc Hassain, 46, who has multiple sclerosis. She said she was spending £60 of the money on the cats.

“When I get my carer allowance it goes on kitty litter, cat food, biscuits and special milk, it takes all my money. I can barely pay my phone bill,” she said.

“My partner is worried about me but I’ve gotten used to it now. I’ll be fine, things will be better.

“I can’t do anything, I’m not going to get rid of my cats. I’ve had them for 17 years, they’re my little babies, they keep me going.

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