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William Lawson challenges Nigerians to be the next #NAIJAHighlandah

The Search Is On: William Lawson

The saying that ‘Naija no dey carry last’ will be put to the test as William Lawson’s Blended Scotch Whiskey launches a search for daring Nigerians who live by their own rules to challenge for the title of the first ever Naija Highlandah. The month-long search will see daring participants compete through a series of challenges to win the grand prize of two million naira and a trip to Scotland.

The search for NAIJA Highlandah kicked off today with William Lawson’s Highlandahs taking over the main streets and bus terminals of Lagos. The Highlandahs visited Oshodi and Ikeja bus stations, where they paid for Nigerians’ bus tickets at random to the delight of beneficiaries and other members of the public.

At the media launch following the street activation at the Bamboo Lounge, Ikeja GRA, journalists and other partners participated in fun challenges and won exciting prizes. Some of the bold and daring guests also had their hair tattooed and dyed green in the colors of William Lawson, a rebellious and disruptive ‘no rules’ brand, quickly becoming the toast of Nigerians.

The search is on: William Lawson

The NAIJA Highlandah Challenge will run from October 13 to November 12, 2022 in two main phases. The first phase will focus on the recruitment of participants and their participation in the challenges. The competition is open to young people aged 18 and over who are brave enough to take up the challenge. To register, participants must go to the website or scan the QR code on one of the campaign communication media at partner points of sale for more information.

They will then receive invitations to participate in challenges organized in different points of sale. The Top 10 who can best prove their Highlandah attitude will advance to the Grand Finals and battle for the ultimate Naija Highlandah prize of N2 Million Naira and a trip to Scotland.

Speaking about The NAIJA Highlandah Challenge, Lerato Makume, Bacardi Marketing Director for Nigeria, said, “William Lawson is known for defying the norm, setting his own rules and being brazenly different, just like our liquid. That’s the kind of person we are. looking for someone with a real Highlandah attitude. We know Nigeria is full of Highlandahs but only one person will have the courage to be William Lawson’s NAIJA Highlandah. I challenge everyone to participate if they dare – we can’t wait to bump fists with The NAIJA Highlandah!”

The search is on: William Lawson

Some of the challenges the NAIJA Highlandah will have to complete include good mood challenges, such as spinning the bottle, imitating animals, and ball games. There are also daring challenges such as ‘Plank no shots’ and ‘Plank with heels’. The two unconventional challenges for contestants are “Kaku Meter” and “Pull no spill”. Participants in ‘Kaku Meter’ must guess the length of the bar counter – measured by the length of a bottle of William Lawson laid horizontally while for ‘Pull No Spill’ each person is awarded a William branded mug Lawson filled to the brim. Using toilet paper tissues, they must pull the glass towards them without wetting the tissue. The wetter it is, the more likely it is to tear. Competitors are judged on who gets the cut closest to them in 30 seconds.

Follow #NAIJAHighlandah if you dare and share your Highlandah attitude on social media using #NAIJAHighlandah and #WilliamLawsons.

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