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“What’s so scary about a woman having as strong an opinion as a man?” Meghan Markle asks as she stands up for ‘feminism’ and ‘woke’ culture

"What's so scary about a woman having as strong an opinion as a man?"  Meghan Markle asks as she stands up for 'feminism' and 'woke' culture

Meghan Markle defended the word “woke” and “feminism” on the latest episode of her “Archetypes” podcast.

In the episode titled ‘The Audacity of the Activist’, the Duchess of Sussex spoke about words that become ‘unnecessarily loaded’ when it comes to women, giving examples such as ‘feminism’, which, according to her, is “often treated as taboo”. the F-word.”

Markle, 41, added: “Or the word ‘awake’. I know I’m saying ‘awake.’ means alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

She continued, “Now what’s loaded or wrong with that? And when you layer a woman on that seemingly innocuous definition, for many it becomes almost disgusting, ‘scandalous,’ they would say, but why?”

Meghan then asked, “What’s so scary about a woman having such a strong opinion as a man? And why do we sometimes get scared of that? Turtle, as I often say – return to the safety of your own shell.”

Markle’s podcast guest, British actress Jameela Jamil, told her she had “fighted back on behalf” of the Royal Family and defended her against “demonization”.

Jamil, 36, told Meghan: “It’s just an unfathomable amount of bullshit you’re taking Meghan, I can’t believe it.

“And I fought back on your behalf years before I met you because I was so outraged at the twist of this very normal, very nice, very civilized woman.

“This demonization shows how much they are afraid of you.

“And I’m sure you may not be able to keep that or anything, but the treatment that you went through and, I’m so sorry, you had to resist, it highlighted for us that he There is intense malice and bigotry and misogyny in our media.I think and I hope and I have faith that the tides are changing, because so many of us are fighting back.

And Meghan replied: “Thank you for fighting back.”

At the start of the episode, Markle opened up about how female activists are often looked on with irritation.

Meghan said: “I started noticing that eye roll almost by default when someone mentioned a woman fighting for a cause. ‘Why can’t she just sit down and’…you know The unspoken annoyance that seemed to swirl around women in activism was astounding to me.”

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