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We know our respective screen locks, email passwords, ATM PINs, bank balances

We know our respective screen locks, email passwords, ATM pins, bank balances  - Nigerian man writes as he celebrates 19th wedding anniversary with wife

The former Ebonyi State Governor’s Chief Technical Assistant on the Media, Monday Kenneth Eze, said he and his wife had little to no secrets between them.

Mr Eze said so in a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, when he celebrated the 19th wedding anniversary with his wife.

According to him, they know their respective “screen locks, email passwords, ATM PINs, bank account balances”.

NINETEEN YEARS ON STELLA-THERAPY! For six hundred million four thousand eight hundred seconds or 6,944.5 days, I was happily and enthusiastically married to my STELLAvite! Apart from our family alter to the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omni-loving God who has been our anchor and perpetual helper, here is the simple marriage compass we have set for ourselves,” he wrote.

1. Getting married was our deliberate decision and in making the decision, we respectively confessed and exposed our true characters and dispositions, including the good, the bad and the ugly on the table. So we knew each other. We knew our respective strengths and weaknesses. There was little room for bad surprises.

2. We decided to focus on our strengths or positives and help each other change or improve our respective weaknesses or negatives. So we knew the task ahead of us.

3. We have sworn to maintain our perpetually fiery friendship and let it rightfully serve as the foundation of our “husband and lady” status. This implies that even if marriage is “for better or for worse”, we must work hard to be channels for the best and team up to reduce or manage the “worse” when it comes from extraneous factors. The “worst” in marriage should not come from either partner.

4. Realizing that we are imperfect and in accordance with paragraph 3 above, we have decided that in times of misunderstanding, suspicion, actual provocations or outright pursuit of each other’s problems, we do and react as friends. In particular, we have set limits on how to react to each other’s negative behavior: this limit is to react as friends and not as enemies. Truly, the way an offended friend reacts to an offense is very different from the way an enemy reacts.

5. As a follow-up to 4 above, we have made forgiveness, penance, and humbly important ingredients of our daily lives. Therefore, for us, no offense is too great to be forgiven, but the forgiven must end the offense and make the necessary changes.

6. We have also filled in all the gaps and have minimal or almost zero secrets between us: we know each other’s screen locks, email passwords, pin numbers, friends, bank accounts and their sales, our locations, what makes us happy. etc

7. We have never involved third parties in our marriage; but we have never made warm discussions and resolutions difficult.

8. We have made the overriding decision to trust each other, to have a radical competition of kind hearts, and to avoid anything that gets hurt as much as possible.

To the glory of God, we are 19 years of marriage today! During these years we have realized that marriage is a channel for the graces of God. Marriage should not be feared. Rather, it should be approached with godly faith and sincerity. Two sincerely loving parties will not fail in marriage.

As I give thanks to God in whose garden of grace a broken tree like me has produced fruit, I pray that it will please Him to heal all troubled marriages, to satisfy the many who yearn for good unions, and to prosper our homes in the conquering name of Jesus Christ.

Friends, help me celebrate my one and only STELLA supplement that has continued to love me despite my EbebeAgu face.

Congratulations to me and my STELLAbalm

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