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Vulcanizer sets himself on fire in Osun in suicide attempt, says wife of two months cursed him

Vulcaniser sets self on fire in Osun in attempted suicide, says his wife of two months has been laying curses on him

A vulcanizer who resides in Lagos State, Muritala Afolabi, is currently admitted to a hospital after setting himself on fire in Iree, Osun State on Friday, September 23.

Muritala was rushed to hospital by neighbors who heard him scream after sustaining severe burns to his body.

In an interview with Punch, Muritala said he decided to take his own life after being subjected to emotional torture and frustration from his wife. The 30-year-old craftsman said he got married to his wife in July 2022 and since then the woman has been making his life difficult by cursing and abusing him.

“I just thought about getting it over with. That Friday I went to a gas station, bought some fuel and went to a forest behind Baptist High School, Iree, and set myself on fire.

I thought about what I was going through and that made me decide to end my life. Poverty and the repeated curses of my wife made me lose hope. I married the right woman in July this year.

Some people heard me as the fire burned my body and rushed to the scene. They rescued me and took me to the hospital.

Contacted by telephone by our correspondent, Muritala’s wife, Ifedolapo, denied having insulted him.

“I don’t know why he decided to kill himself. I am his wife. I don’t have a child for him yet.

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