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Tory Lanez sued by pregnant woman for alleged hit-and-run

Tory Lanez sued by pregnant woman over alleged hit and run

Canadian music star Tory Lanez is in hot water again as he is chased by a pregnant woman who claims he crashed into her car and drove off.

The lady identified as Krisha is suing Lanez alongside her husband Jesse Grullon. They allege the singer swept them away with his green Bentley SUV vehicle in Miami during New Years Day 2021 and fled the scene without even watching them.

Court documents obtained by TMZ revealed that the Grullons claimed the incident happened shortly after they left a freeway and stopped at a red light at the end of the exit ramp.

They also alleged that Krisha was 4 months pregnant at the time. The couple are trying to sit him down for a deposition, which they request in early 2023. They also deny that Tory Lanez has responded to their requests within 45 days; admitting or denying each specific part of their claim.

Tory Lanez is already embroiled in a California court case over allegations he used a gun to cause bodily harm to Megan Thee Stallion. He was also recently accused of beating August Alsina in Chicago.

Confirming the lawsuit, the singer’s attorney, Andell Brown, told TMZ that the couple’s case is baseless and will be ridiculed in court. He also said the claim wasn’t made to Tory Lanez’s insurance until July.

Brown says it’s all made up and thinks the couple just looked at Tory’s license plate to try to nail him to the case. Their initial report they made with the cops said the car was silver in color, then changed it to say it was green in the lawsuit.

He also revealed that after the insurance claim was made, the company investigated the incident, spoke to lawyers on the other side and concluded that the claim was unfounded.

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