September 25, 2022


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“They won’t let me go”

“They won’t let me go”

A missing woman in Athens, Georgia, USA, has been found dead after sending her daughter money and a disturbing text message.

Debbie Collier reportedly messaged her daughter via the Venmo app with the sum of $2,385.

“They won’t let me go, I love you,” the message read, according to a missing person’s report obtained by People.

“There’s a house key in the blue flowerpot by the door.”

Collier’s 59-year-old daughter, an adult, called her mother immediately after receiving the message and the funds. However, the mother did not pick up.

When police attempted to reach the mother, they also went straight to voicemail.

The SMS and money transfer took place on September 10. A day later, police found Collier’s body in the woods of Habersham County, not far from his abandoned rental car.

Local WXIA-TV reports that Collier was the front office manager for years at Carriage House Realty.

Police said they are treating the case as a homicide and few details beyond the discovery of the body have been released to the press.

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