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The only reason INEC declared Tinubu president-elect is because Atiku and Obi didn’t work together

The only reason INEC declared Tinubu President-elect is because Atiku and Obi didn

You are just confirming that BAT is the smartest strategist and master of them all. and why didn’t this monkey advise his principal Atiku to work with OBi, everyone from Afenefere, Muric and now reno is now trying to lean towards ASIWAJU… A MASTER STRATEGIST IS WHO US NEED AS PRESIDENT. I am yoruba but detribalized but the stupid igbos made me hate the obis presidency, I don’t hate anyone on an individual basis. I believe in love love is the greatest gift of the spirit love conquers all never dates beyond the parks and more tinubu will remove all stains and avoid oluomo , his boys will now be coerced he is no longer serving BAT the governor of lagos is now up for grabs for the job the PDP and other parties, Tinubu has made all the money he wants to make at 80 or over, now is the time to leave a legacy for Nigerians and we know he has a forgiving heart, which is why igbos will be allowed to do their business peacefully, but hatred is now deep between yoruba and igbo,..imagine some commissioners in lagos are igbo but these ingrates will be cursing an old man, many of whom will not reach this age because the life expectancy in lagos is at best 50 years. I was expecting all the idiots to say Obi or war, either way safe we ​​know you bloody cowards flexing muscle on the internet you contributed to the failure of obis

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