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Stefflon Don shares a voice note she received from an ‘alpha male’ (video)

Stefflon Don shares voice note she got from an ?alpha male? (video)

Foolish girl. Women need to understand that men are wired differently than women. You post this to “pepper your ex”. Not knowing the dude has moved on and has hundreds of other wives much prettier and more sane than you at his beck and call…lol Next time – No need to post for attention . Pursue your profession. Work hard to become very good at it. So you will be respected. Example – Rihana vs. Chris Brown. Now we know that Rihanna is doing very well.

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she’s just cruising. Is Burna at the beginning and at the end of her life? oga go sit down. Burna boy made a whole song about her – who the pain goes? – -bricks-

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