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Soludo’s son didn’t disown him for an anti-Obi comment – ​​Help


Christian Aburime, the press secretary to Anambra State Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo, has said his manager will not withdraw his comment on Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi as he does not regret it. who said that.

Recall that Soludo aroused mixed reactions with his article entitled “History is calling me and I am not silent”. He had claimed that Peter Obi would not win the 2023 presidential election and might not even come third.

Responding to a question from Punch, Aburimé insisted that Soludo was entitled to his opinion.

The publicist also added that the claims of Soludo’s son Ozonna disowning his father because of the anti-Obi comment are simply the work of troublemakers.

He said;

“The Governor does not feel threatened in any way even though the article has sparked a series of backlash, threats and criticism. What the people should understand is that the Governor was only expressing his opinion, which is guaranteed by the country’s constitution and this opinion should not justify threats or abuse.

“The governor’s son, Ozonna, did not deny what the father said. The trending article allegedly claiming that the son denied what his father said was not from Soludo’s son; it is simply the work of troublemakers to blackmail the governor.

“It is not true that ‘unknown gunmen’ are threatening the governor with resignation or impeachment. This report is false. The people of Anambra are behind Soludo and they are happy with what he is doing in the state.

“Nigerians around the world are free to visit Anambra to see what the governor is doing. Now there is law and order; all these impunities that existed before are no longer there.

“Soludo has no regrets because everything he said has already been said and he should not be insulted for expressing his opinion.”

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