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Soldiers and civilians reportedly killed by ISWAP terrorists

Soldiers and civilians reportedly killed by ISWAP terrorists

Soldiers and civilians were reportedly killed by ISWAP terrorists who attacked a military base and a city of Borno.

Eyewitnesses told AFP that the terrorists, driving trucks equipped with machine guns, stormed the town of Malam Fatori, in Abadam district, late Friday and early Saturday November 19.

A military officer said;

“ISWAP terrorists attacked Malam Fatori and caused enormous destruction which we are trying to quantify.

“They attacked the military base and engaged troops in combat while a second group engaged in killing and arson in the town.”

The first attack, near the Niger border, took place at dusk on Friday, resulting in a fierce battle with soldiers repelling the assault, a resident of Buji Garwa said.

In a dawn attack on the base and town on Saturday, jihadists threw explosives and killed residents, while others drowned in a river trying to flee.

Garwa who also revealed that a large part of the city was burnt down, said;

“It is not known how many people were killed as we all fled the town and are gradually returning to assess the damage.

“We started combing the bushes and collecting the bodies of those killed and searching along the banks of the river to find those who were washed up on the banks.”

Another resident, Baitu Madari, said she had counted a dozen people killed in her neighborhood.

She says;

“I have no idea how many corpses have been recovered from other parts of the city. The destruction is truly enormous.

An intelligence officer also revealed that the attackers came from the nearby village of Kamuya. He said;

“Kamuya is the largest ISWAP camp in the Lake Chad region, just eight kilometers (five miles) from Malam Fatori.

“All previous unsuccessful attacks on Malam Fatori were launched from Kamuya which is well fortified with mines and heavy weapons.”

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