Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Biography | Age | Career

Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, popularly known in Nigerian media and political circles as Sheikh Gumi, is an Islamic cleric, scholar and former military officer who retired with the rank of Captain of the NiGeria Defense Academy (nes). He is the current mufti and mufassir at Sultan Bellon, Kaduna Central Mosque.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Biography |  Age |  Career

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Biography

Full name :

Ahmad Abubakar Gumi

Popular name:

Sheikh Gumi

Date of Birth :

October 1, 1960

Place of birth :

Kano State, Nigeria

State of origin:

Kano State, Nigeria


Fiqh, Tafsir and Tauheed.


Consulting doctor, Islamic cleric, teacher and mufassir

Social media handles:

Twitter: @Ahmad_Gumi

Youth and education

Sheikh Gumi was born on October 1, 1960 in Kano StateNigeria to a popular Islamic cleric and scholar, late Sheikh Abubakar Gumi. He comes from a line of Islamic scholars, his father being the first Great Khadi of the ancient Northern region. His father was instrumental in the Islamization of northern Nigeria, particularly under Sir Ahmadou Bello.

Ahmad Gumi was present Sardauna Memorial College (CMS) for his upper secondary education, then proceeded to Ahmadou Bello University where he studied medicine, and after graduating he was drafted into the Nigeria Defense Academy. He resigned from military service after attaining the rank of captain and moved to Saudi Arabia to continue his Islamic education at Umm al-Qura University, where he studied Islamic jurisprudence and tafseer. His colleagues at the university included Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais and Saud Al Shuraim.


Sheikh Gumi was enrolled in the Nigeria Defense Academy after graduating from Ahmadou Bello Universitywhere he studied medicine and served in the Nigerian Army Medical Corps (NAMC) as a medical officer and retired as a captain. He continued his studies in Islamic education at Umm al-Qura University, where he studied Islamic jurisprudence and tafseer. He returned to Nigeria to operate as a full-time Islamic cleric.

Private life

He is the son of a highly revered Islamic cleric and scholar, the late Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, who was the first Great Khadi of the former northern region. He is also married with children.


Negotiation with bandits

The 27 students who were kidnapped from a forestry college in Nigeria Kaduna State in March last year were among the victims of the former army captain’s peace missions in various bandit hideouts in Kaduna, Katsinaand Zamfara States. He also participated in a number of other agreements.

The Security Service Department (DSS) has invited Ahmad Gumi for questioning due to his relationship with bandits across Nigeria for peacemaking. Many Nigerians, including the Buhari administration, had criticized the academic for his views on bandits.

Bandit Defense

Ahmad Gumi used to enter the jungle and forest, reaching various bandit camps and hideouts, begging them to submit to Allah’s will and stop kidnapping or killing people for money. money because Allah would forgive them if they repented. This was done in order to negotiate with the kidnappers to lay down their arms for a secure Nigeria.

Kidnapping children from school is a lesser evil because, in the end, we can negotiate, and now the bandits are very careful about human lives. Before, the mission of bandits was to enter a city, ransack it and kill people. —Ahmad Gumi, commenting on the kidnappers.

This effort began in February when Ahmad Gumi took part in a peacemaking mission in Zamfara State. Since then, he has made numerous preaching trips to Katsina, Kaduna and Niger states, pleading with bandits to stop attacking civilians. When he learned that 27 students from Greenfield University had been kidnapped, he successfully helped secure their release after learning that the students’ condition was urgent.

After killing five of the students and freeing one after a ransom was paid, the kidnappers threatened to kill the remaining hostages if a ransom was not paid by Wednesday’s ransom payment deadline.

In order to address the subject of kidnapped people and demanding their release, Ahmad Gumi also meets with various kidnappers. In Niger State, he meets kidnappers regarding the issue of Kagara students. He repeatedly urged the kidnappers to lay down their guns and submit to the will of Allah, in addition to respecting the Nigerian Constitution. He also urged the Nigerian government to forgive and grant amnesty so that Nigerians can live in peace and harmony without experiencing tense situations.

“If the country could pardon putschists who committed treasonous offenses in the era of military administration, bandits might as well enjoy a similar pardon, even better under a democratic regime.” — Ahmad Gumi, on kidnappers from the Nigerian government.

A staunch critic of Buhari

When it comes to reporting Buhari administration, Sheikh Gumi is relentless in his condemnation. The clergyman asked the president by Muhammadu Buhari resigned in 2019 due to the supposed performance of his administration. He also refuted the claim that he was critical of the PPeople’s Democratic Party (PDP)-led by a pro-ruling All Party opposition government Congress of Progressives (APC).

Gumi called on the federal government to show maturity in accepting criticism when Twitter was banned last year. He said, “The federal government should act with more maturity; they are powerless against the media. The federal government should be able to take criticism with a broad stance. They shouldn’t fight the media; platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other social media have given people the opportunity to hear from both sides.

Sheikh Gumi Net value

His estimated net worth is not available.

Social media handles

Twitter: @Ahmad_Gumi

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