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Russia annexes Ukrainian territories: “Ukraine applies for NATO membership”

Russia annexes Ukranian territories:

Ukraine is submitting an application for accelerated NATO membership, according to the country’s leaders.

In President Zelensky’s final address to Ukrainians on Friday, September 30, the wartime leader said he had submitted an application for NATO membership following Vladimir Putin’s annexation of four Ukrainian territories on Friday September 30, following a referendum in these regions, the West , called ‘false’

“The Ukrainians! And all our friends and allies!” Zelenskyy said in his address.

In fact there.

Today, here in Kyiv, in the heart of our country, we are taking a decisive step for the security of the entire community of free nations.

We see who is threatening us. Who is ready to kill and maim. Who to extend their zone of control do not stop at any savagery.

On February 24, the first large-scale attack on Ukraine was carried out. The first one!

Russia wouldn’t have stopped at our borders if we hadn’t stopped her. Other states would have been attacked.

The Baltic countries, Poland, Moldova and Georgia, Kazakhstan… Russia claimed to subjugate various nations of Europe and Asia.

Claimed six months ago.

This criminal ambition is collapsing in Ukraine.

It was dismantled in the suburbs of Kyiv and Chernihiv. In “Azovstal”. In the Sumy region and the Kharkiv region.

There is Zmiinyi Island.

It will be destroyed in Donbass and southern Ukraine when we liberate them. Certainly – in the Crimea, in the free Ukrainian Crimea.

The entire territory of our country will be liberated from this enemy – the enemy not only of Ukraine, but also of life itself, of humanity, of law and of truth.

Russia already knows this. He feels our power.

She sees that it is here, in Ukraine, that we prove the strength of our values.

And that’s why he’s in a hurry. Organize this farce with the annexation attempt. Tries to steal something that doesn’t belong to him. Wants to rewrite history and redraw borders with murder, torture, blackmail and lies.

Ukraine will not allow it.

Today I held a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s staff. The meeting of the National Security and Defense Council has just ended.

We have a decision.

First, only the path of strengthening Ukraine and evicting the occupiers from all of our territory will restore peace.

We will complete this path.

Second, Ukraine was and remains a leader in the negotiation efforts. It is our state that has always offered Russia to reach a coexistence agreement under equal, honest, decent and fair conditions.

It is obvious that this is impossible with this Russian president.

He doesn’t know what dignity and honesty are.

Therefore, we are ready for a dialogue with Russia, but already with another president of Russia.

And thirdly, we must record de jure all that we have already achieved de facto.

It is in Ukraine that the fate of democracy in the face of tyranny is decided.

It is here, with the firmness of our state borders, that we can ensure the firmness of the borders of all European states. We can guarantee that no one else will dare to bring war back to our continent.

It is here, in Ukraine, that the values ​​of our Euro-Atlantic community have taken on real vital energy. The strength of the nation that fights for freedom, and the strength of the nations that help in this fight.

We are de facto allies. This has already been done.

De facto, we have already completed our path to NATO.

De facto, we have already proven interoperability with Alliance standards, they are real for Ukraine – real on the battlefield and in all aspects of our interaction.

We trust each other, we help each other and we protect each other. This is what the Alliance is.

De facto. Today, Ukraine is asking to return it de jure. In a process consistent with our importance to the protection of our entire community. As part of an accelerated procedure.

We know it is possible. We have seen Finland and Sweden start joining the Alliance this year without a membership action plan.

It’s just.

It is also fair for Ukraine.

It is the treaty-level consolidation of what has already been achieved in life and what our values ​​are.

We understand that this requires the consensus of all Alliance members. We understand the need to reach such a consensus. And therefore, while this is happening, we propose to implement our proposals regarding security guarantees for Ukraine and all of Europe in accordance with the Kyiv Security Pact, which has been drawn up and presented to our partners.

Security has no alternative.

But it takes determination to guarantee it.

We are taking a decisive step by signing Ukraine’s application for accelerated NATO membership.”

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