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Rats eat 200 kg of hashish seized by police from drug sellers

Rats eat 200kg of Cannabis seized by?police from drug dealers

Indian police blamed the rats for destroying practically 200 kg of hashish seized from criminals and stored in police stations.

A courtroom heard how rodents in some circumstances ate the marijuana stored as proof.

The decide cited three circumstances by which marijuana was destroyed by rodents.

An announcement learn in courtroom learn: “Rats are tiny animals and they aren’t afraid of the police. It’s tough to guard the drug from them.

Decide Sanjay Chaudhary mentioned in an order that when the courtroom requested police to supply the seized medicine as proof, they have been informed 195kg of hashish had been “destroyed” by rats.

In one other case involving 386 kg of medicine, police filed a report saying “some” of the hashish had been “eaten by the rats”.

Decide Chaudhary informed the courtroom that round 700kg of marijuana seized by police have been in police stations in Mathura district and that “all of it was susceptible to rat infestation”.

He mentioned the police had no experience in dealing with the case as a result of the rats have been “too small”. The one option to shield the seized items from “these fearless mice”, he added, was to public sale off the medicine to analysis labs and medical corporations, with the proceeds going to the federal government.

In 2018, eight Argentine law enforcement officials have been fired after accusing mice of disappearing half a ton of hashish from a police warehouse.

However specialists disputed that declare, saying the animals have been unlikely to mistake the drug for meals and that “if a big group of mice had eaten it, many corpses would have been discovered within the warehouse”. .

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