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Premier League soccer star arrested for two ‘rapes’ is questioned for ‘hours’ by police after third woman comes forward

A Premier League footballer is being questioned after a woman spoke out against him over a sexual assault.

The player in question has previously been accused of raping two women from June 2022 as well as April 2021. But now a third alleged victim has said he was sexually assaulted in Hertfordshire in February of the last year.

According to the Sun, the player is on bail at a police station and has spent hours being questioned over the latest allegation.

The player was previously detained last July after police visited his home in north London.

In the meantime, the footballer has not been suspended by his club pending the investigation and is still part of the first team. Neither the player nor the club can be named for legal reasons.

The report says the June allegation saw the victim, in her 20s, claiming she was raped while on a break in the Mediterranean.

She had fled a five-star resort where she was staying to return home and has since spoken to British police about her experience, showing bruises on her body from the alleged attack.

Following his initial arrest, the player was subsequently rearrested on suspicion of two further allegations in April and June 2021, although the latter was dropped by police.

Now he will respond to police bail in July after an extension that was previously due to respond this month.

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