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Pregnant Kate Ferdinand and her husband Rio Ferdinand announce the gender of their second child

Kate Ferdinand and Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand are expecting a baby girl.

The former TOWIE star, 31, who announced she was expecting her second child with the 44-year-old ex-footballer in January, said they were delighted as they prepared to welcome a daughter .

Kate married footballer Rio in 2019, already shares son Cree, two, and is stepmother to Rio’s three children, Lorenz, 16, Tate, 14 and Tia, 11.

The family recently revealed their gender, but Rio revealed it all went wrong after Kate choked on a cupcake.

The reality star, who said both parents and Lorenz guessed the gender correctly before they knew it, said: “It’s a girl guys – we’re so excited to have a girl.”

“We both guessed the same thing. Lorenz had guessed it.

Rio, breaking the news alongside Kate on her Blended podcast, said: “I knew it was a girl but I actually wanted a girl.” I wanted boys at first. I wanted Cree to be a boy.

“It’s me, I’m done now, five.”

The couple shared how they decided to announce the sex to their family by eating two cupcakes each.

But Rio said: “It was a typical gender reveal of the Ferdinand household – it all went wrong.”

Kate said: ‘It was a ruckus. So we all got a cake – there were 12 cakes. It was actually Rio’s idea. Only one of them contained the color. So we all got two cakes each. Cupcakes.

“Because all the kids are so different in age, it’s really hard to get something that works for everyone.

“Typical Rio, said he’d be home from work at 5:30, get up at eight – so Cree is exhausted.

“So we’re already starting the night a bit groggy – Cree goes to bed at 7:30 and it’s now eight o’clock.”

Rio continued, “We’re just going to film it for memories and then we all take a bite of the first six cupcakes – none of them have the color – so it’s pink or blue, girl or boy.

“And then everyone is screaming, and because everyone is screaming so loud, Cree in the middle is crying hysterically because he’s scared.

“All the other kids are really excited – they’re screaming and screaming. So let’s calm everyone down.

They went to get a Cree dummy, after which Rio picked up the story, saying, “We were all reading to take the second bite of the second cupcake, and it would definitely be pink or blue when you bite it. so, and Cree couldn’t wait and went and bit him before we were all ready, and then Tate said “No, no, no” and then scared his life.

“And then he left – he was screaming.”

Kate said: ‘Tate and Tia think Lorenz is the favorite child – I told them he wasn’t the favourite. They said “Lorenz is going to have the cake”. They each chose their own cake. Who gets the cake with the color?

Rio replied: ‘Lorenz gets it – so we all did and Lorenz ended up getting the pink cupcake. And then it was just heckling, manic. Then Kate decides to take the limelight and choke on the cupcake – she almost died.

Kate continued: “Everyone thinks it’s a solution, Cree screams again – he’s hysterical.”

“I was so excited it was a girl, I hadn’t swallowed the piece of cake but then Cree started screaming so I went to see him and the cake got stuck in my throat. Not one family member cared.

“I was actually choking. Someone had to hit me on the back – I hadn’t been drinking. And you were all drinking tropical fruits from the fridge like you were minding your own business.

“I’m completely choking for at least two minutes – like I’m completely choking and nobody cares.”

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