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Prayer consultant arrested after tricking accountant in Adamawa

Prayer consultant arrested after duping accountant in Adamawa

A man has been indicted for deceiving an accountant while promising to put him in touch with an indigenous doctor who will make him successful.

Kefas Brandford defrauded the accountant, Suleiman Ibrahim, of a total of N277,000 in installments over a period of time before Suleman realized he was being duped.

Suleiman Ibrahim, who is an accountant in the Ministry of Finance in Yobe State, wanted to get an easy promotion in his workplace and get rich.

Brandford of Ganye Local Government Area in Adamawa State then promised to connect Suleiman Ibrahim with a native doctor based in Ganye.

Eager to succeed, Ibrahim continued to pour money into Brandford’s bank account to purchase chickens, rams, and other items for the sacrifices.

Suleiman Ibrahim, who had never met Brandford physically, visited Adamawa State in August this year and asked Brandford by phone to take him to the local doctor as he saw no positive changes. in his life.

Brandford then told Ibrahim that the native doctor had been dispatched by the Gangwari Ganye and could not be reached.

Ibrahim, who had been staying at a hotel, mobilized the police in Ganye and apprehended Brandford.

Brandford was arraigned in Jimeta Area Court in Yola, for cheating and criminal breach of trust.

Brandford pleaded guilty to the charge against him and the court, presided over by Mathias Nuhu, ordered that he be remanded to a correctional center and adjourned the case until next week, October 10.

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