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Peter Obi – Umahi was arrested

2023 Elections: Nyesom Wike did not work against Peter Obi ? Umahi

Dave Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State, has dismissed allegations that Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike worked against Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in the presidential elections on 25 February 2023.

Umahi said this during the commissioning of the renovated community secondary school, in the local government area of ​​Obio-Akpor, on Monday, March 27.

He said;

“Let me correct the insinuations that Governor Wike worked against Peter Obi, no, we rather praise him for standing by Peter Obi.

“Governor Wike was presented with a number of options, people they had penciled in, and out of all of them he chose his Excellency, Peter Obi. And being very close to him regarding the first meeting, we said why no one from the south east was invited and that was the point of our concern, but we all supported him in choosing Peter Obi and we all worked for Atiku and Peter. ”

“In 2019 Governor Wike called very few of us and said let’s support Secondus to be the National Chairman of the PDP, for me it was an impossible task, but when he makes up his mind he doesn’t go back, he convinced all of us and we all went to the field”

“But this singular meeting agreed that when the position of deputy governor is appointed, the governors and leaders of the south east will be called upon, unfortunately our party’s nominee did not consult, when he called the governor Wike at their meeting, no one from the southeast was called and it was our feud”

“Let me say very boldly that I said very clearly that in my state we were going to give President Buhari 25% and 75% to the PDP and all the governors in the south east agreed with that, if anyone one said he didn’t agree with that, that’s not the truth, about two governors came to that.”

“We gave 25% to APC, I have no regrets for supporting Buhari till the last day and even out of office, he has greatly promoted my condition, and he has shown me lots of love and I I will therefore continue to appreciate him, he will continue to be my father in the office and outside the office.

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