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Novak Djokovic overturned Australian visa ban, will now play Australian Open 2023

Novak Djokovic has Australian visa ban overturned, will now play in 2023?Australian?Open

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic will be cleared to play the Australian Open next year after a three-year ban on him from entering Australia was overturned.

According to Mail Online, Immigration Minister Andrew Giles will grant the Serbian the right of entry, overturning the entry ban imposed by the former Morrison government when it revoked the Serbian player’s visa just before the start. ‘January Open.

Then-immigration minister Alex Hawke ruled that although Djokovic had recently been diagnosed with Covid, it did not warrant an exemption from Australia’s border requirement for visitors to be vaccinated.

Despite a court ruling that the visa on which Djokovic entered Australia was valid, Mr Hawke used his ministerial powers to rule that the then No 1, who was well known for his anti-vaccination stance, could elicit a similar feeling in the community.

After a federal court upheld Mr. Hawke’s authority to make the decision, Djokovic was forced to leave the country.

His visa was canceled for “reasons of health and good order” and the Serb was expelled on the eve of the grand slam and banned from competition for three years, but would have been canceled now.

The decision to allow him to compete comes after the 35-year-old expressed his desire to play at the Australian Open previously.

Last month, Djokovic spoke to Serbian website Sportal about the incident “I’m over what happened this year and I just want to play tennis, that’s what I do best. Australia has always been where I’ve played my best tennis, the results speak for themselves, so I’m still very motivated to go there, this time even more.

“I hope for a positive response.” The Serb added.

He added: “For the choices I made, I knew there would be certain consequences, like not going to America. For Australia it was a different case, I got the exception, but in the end it didn’t work out. We know what happened, let’s not go back.

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