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“No healing without justice” – Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour responds to Tinubu

?No healing without justice? ? Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour replies Tinubu

Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour says Nigerians cannot heal from violence and bigotry until justice is served for the victims of electoral violence in the country.

Gbadebo lost the March 18 gubernatorial election to Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

There were numerous reports of incidents of election violence and voter suppression across the state before and during the election, while social media was also awash with ethnic slurs and profiling.

On Tuesday, Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s president-elect, called the electoral violence that occurred during the polls “unacceptable and contrary to democratic ethics”.

Tinubu said his government would begin the healing process by embracing opponents.

But Rhodes-Vivour, speaking at a news conference in Lagos on Wednesday March 22, said the election violence needed to be addressed before the healing process could begin.

He called on the people of Lagos to speak out against a “new type of democracy” being imposed on them.

“Yesterday Bola Tinubu called for healing, but healing cannot happen without justice. There was an attempt to give the impression that the violence was Yoruba versus Igbo. But it was prevalent throughout the state. Everyone was affected and disenfranchised,” the LP contestant said.

“And we also saw a lot of violence and intimidation, but that was nothing compared to the militia attack unleashed on Lagos on Saturday.

“What we’re complaining about isn’t the numbers, it’s the new kind of democracy that these people are trying to impose. The topic of conversation is that well-meaning Lagosians should stand up and show that they are despised.

Rhodes-Vivour also announced the launch of a website where victims of election violence can upload their evidence and have their medical bills processed by its team.

“Today we have launched a platform called Please anyone who is a victim of election violence can log into this website and download the evidence of this violence, the hospital bill and the report police if you have it,” he said.

“We will offset your bills. Because empathy and love are not just empty words but actions. And for the people who are out, we’re going to show that we’re on your side.

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