Nigerian man and three accomplices arrested for allegedly deceiving woman in India

Nigerian man and three accomplices arrested for allegedly duping woman in India

Four people, including a Nigerian national, have been arrested for allegedly cheating a woman out of more than Rs 6 crore in India.

The accused identified as Nigerians, Kosorachi Amadi (41 years old), and Indians Meya Imchen (32 years old), Hematoli Sumi (29 years old) and Baben Rai (29 years old) were arrested on Wednesday September 15, 2022 in Delhi.

Police say a woman filed a complaint alleging that a certain Eric Elliot befriended her on social media in 2016 and offered her a 50% business partnership in India.

He allegedly cheated her out of Rs 6.5 crore between 2016 and 2022 by pretending to send a package containing expensive items after asking for money for customs clearance, police said.

During the investigation, police said mobile service details and bank account information revealed that the defendants were operating from South Delhi with the IMEI number assigned to the enclave of Safdarjung.

According to the police, Hematoli was arrested because her number was linked to bank accounts used to cheat. Baben Rai and Imchen were also arrested at her request, and Amadi was also arrested later.

Police said Amadi, along with associates in Nigeria, would create fake profiles of British residents and befriend Indian women on social media, tricking them into demanding money for customs clearance in exchange for expensive gifts.

He also revealed the names of other Nigerians involved, as well as Indian associates who organized the bank accounts used to take the defrauded money, police said.

A case has been filed under IPC Sections 419 (Deception by Impersonation) 420 (Deceit/Dishonest Inducement to Deliver Goods) and Computer Act provisions.

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