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Nicaragua’s surviving candidate Lembo found dead in his Manhattan home aged 75

Survivor Nicaragua contestant Lembo found dead in his Manhattan?home?at?age?75

Survivor: Nicaraguan candidate Dan Lembo has died aged 75.

The Brooklyn-born contestant, who competed in the 21st season of Survivor in 2010, died at his Manhattan home on Sept. 3, according to his obituary.

The cause of death for Dan – born Daniel Louis Lembo – has not yet been provided.

He is survived by his sons Matthew and Michael; daughters-in-law, Emily and Dana; grandchildren, Ava, Annabelle, Sailor, James and Harper; and ex-wife, Barbara.

He was remembered by his family as “a charismatic, larger-than-life, outgoing bon vivant” who “loved nothing more than spending time with his children and friends – new and old”.

“On the weekends he was playing softball in Bridgehampton with friends. Daniel will be remembered as a friend to all and a father to two,’ the obituary said.

Lembo – who was part of the Espada tribe on Survivor – was 63 when he placed 5th on the fan-favorite reality show, during which he lost 25 pounds.

Lembo was already a millionaire when he decided to compete on Survivor, having had a successful career in real estate.

“I didn’t play Survivor for the money, I wanted the adventure,” he told People after his elimination.

“I’m the kind of guy who sees a challenge and thinks, ‘I could do this. So I wanted to be part of this crazy game — and I did pretty well I would say! I have gone very far.

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