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NEWS: Meet Salle 17 year old girl Singer who sang within Imo State


17 year old girl Singer

Meet Salle 17-year-old girl who sang within Imo State (@Callmesalle)

Story od 17 year old girl Singer in Imo When God’s grace strikes you and spreads like a vast flame. When the grace of God strikes you, your usual actions become unusual, as was the case in the instance of Salle 17-year-old singer from Imo state.

Salle (@callmesalle) is found in Imo as she was returning home from her day-to-day routine of selling things with a head tray, by kind Nigerians who adore her beautiful voice and gold-colored heartbeat she received.

In just a few minutes of her being recorded on the roads, the girl has gained the attention of famous Nigerian stars as well as foreign stars.

It was a possibility for her following her Instagram blogger Tundeednut posted an image of her singing using her gorgeous voice that brought a lot of good music fans talking about and sharing her posts.

But, Tundeednut has said he will keep posting Salle until he can ensure that a company that is better than his own signs her and provides her with an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life.

The new 17 year old girl Singer Salle within a short time has accumulated over 80k followers on one of the most popular social media sites, 

Instagram and the number increased so quickly.

Based on Salle (@callmesalle) She stated that her parents do not realize that she sings or is a huge fan of singing, but she continues to pursue her passions that bring her joy, 

hoping that someday she would be able to announce her talents to the world.

It appears like the story of Salle has been transformed for the better. Check out the video that has transformed her life:

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