September 25, 2022


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NEWS: Maria, Sammie, JMK evicted from Big Brother Naija show

Previous air leader and real estate professional, Maria Chike; 23-year-old legal advisor, Jumoke Adedoyi, JMK, and 26-year-old Kaduna-conceived Sammie, who says he is a novice movie producer, have been ousted from Elder sibling House, BBNaija, Sparkle Ya Eye Season 6 show. 

NEWS: Maria, Sammie, JMK evicted from Big Brother Naija show

Maria, who had prior said she has a fear for being penniless, told have, Ebuka, that “I like Pere as a Companion.” 

On her tentative arrangements, Maia says she needs to move back to Lagos and open up a business. 

JMK was the primary housemate to take off from Big deal’s home this evening, out of the selected part that incorporates Pere, Maria, Cross, Sovereign and Sammie. 

In any case, she said, she was an advantageous decision, as companions had been made before she got into the house. 

Review that JMK was one of the unexpected housemates of the last ousting night, when Big deal presented new arrangement of housemates. 

In a visit with Ebuka, she says she felt like she was a helpful decision to be assigned as most housemates had effectively made companions before her entrance. 

She says she anticipates being a triumph after the show and that she had no second thoughts up until this point. 

Then, at that point Sammie. He depicted himself as a novice producer. 

In a visit with Ebuka, he talked about his relationship with Heavenly messenger; he said they were only “flowing” as companions. 

Sammie added that Holy messenger had given him alternatives however that he was unable to take what she was doing in the house. 

The BBNaija’s tall and attractive fella, Sammie, had prior implied regarding how he arranged prior to coming into the unscripted TV drama. 

He uncovered that it was difficult as he was unable to do it single-handedly. 

As indicated by Sammie, he was not hoping to arrive at the level he had gone in the Elder sibling Naija Season 6 (Sparkle Ya Eye) show. 

So it was through the assistance of his companions that he came to the house. He said he needs to make films. 

Large exercise from Maria of #BBN 

On the off chance that we all watch the films of our excursion on earth we will be pretty much as stunned as Maria who has recently been expelled from Elder sibling’s Home. 

She accepted unequivocally that it was True white cash that designated her for expulsion just to watch by means of tne removal screen that he never assigned her. Rather it was others she trusted. 

She designated white cash for ousting since she thought he considers her to be his adversary while Mr White really like her. 

Try not to expect anything about others, confirm first. 

In the mean time it was the faithfulness of Cross and Sovereign to honest Whitemoney that saved them from ousting. Contend with numbers, on the off chance that you wish. 

Don’t simply watch BBN, take in something positive from it.

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