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New CNN boss admits there will be layoffs as anxious employees question him at town hall


New CNN boss Chris Licht was questioned by anxious staffers at a town hall meeting about possible layoffs.

The cable news giant is under pressure from parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, to reduce costs amid fierce economic headwinds.

Licht, who took over from Jeff Zucker as the network’s top executive earlier this year, was asked by City Hall moderator Alisyn Camerota about CNN employees who were at risk of losing their jobs.

Licht said people involved in aspects of CNN that were not part of the network’s “core mission” were most likely to be fired.

CNN is expected to announce the next round of layoffs next month.

“There are huge nerves about this,” a CNN insider told FOX Digital.

“It was not clear from this town hall who they were going to fire. We are waiting for answers on this matter.”

Camerota also quizzed Licht on Tuesday about whether he’s following the Warner Bros. CEO’s vision. Discovery, David Zaslav, for the network.

“I own the vision for this place,” Licht replied. “I didn’t take this job to take dictation from anyone.”

Licht added that his boss, Zaslav, was a CNN fan and the two were on the same page, according to Insider.

Licht said the layoffs will be announced in early December. Those laid off will receive 60 to 90 days’ notice while eligible executives will receive bonuses and severance pay in January.

CNN employs 4,600 people worldwide, 1,200 of whom are based in the United States.

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