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Mystery as a flock of sheep has been running in circles for 12 days in a row in China

Mystery as flock of sheep have been walking around in circles for 12 days straight in China

A flock of sheep in the Inner Mongolia region of China has gone viral for walking non-stop in a circle for nearly two weeks.

Surveillance footage reveals the herd, which lives in paddock number 13, has been walking clockwise for almost two weeks.

The sheep circle video has gone viral, with the chilling images seen by some as the ‘sign of the apocalypse’.

The owner says the odd behavior started with a few of the farm animals before the whole herd joined in.

Mystery as a flock of sheep has been running in circles for 12 days in a row in China

There are 34 sheep pens in Ms. Miao’s farm, but only the sheep in pen number 13 acted strangely.

Some think this is normal sheep behavior, but others think there’s something more sinister lurking behind the odd movements.

Other Twitter users suggested the sheep might have listeriosis, a disease that can affect both humans and animals.

Symptoms of the disease include lack of coordination, drooling, circles and more.

However, China’s People’s Daily reported that the sheep were in perfect health.

Other cases of sheep behaving oddly and forming circles have been reported in the past, with a case in East Sussex last year showing a picture of a flock standing in a circle in a field.

Christopher Hogg, from the village of Rottingdean in East Sussex, was cycling when he saw the animals behaving as if they were ‘in the X files’.

The 47-year-old said: ‘I was on my daily cycle when I came up the hill and saw this beautiful circle.

“The sheep are usually noisy. I walk past them every day, but that day they were very still and calm,” he said.

Hogg said it looked like the animals were in a trance, calling it “strange”.

The reason for the sheep’s strange behavior in Mongolia and East Sussex remained unknown.

Watch the video below.

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