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Mum who was told her baby was ‘dead’ finds out 17 years later he was taken away by his family

Mum who was told her baby was

A mother who was tricked into believing her baby boy was dead found out 17 years later that it was a lie.

Zhang Caihong shared her grief after finding out her cousin’s sister-in-law stole her son after she gave birth to him 17 years ago.

Mom who was told her baby was

She ran away to her cousin while she was pregnant, fearing that her ex and those close to her would harm her.

But shortly after welcoming the newborn, the sister-in-law reportedly broke the devastating news that he was severely disabled.

Zhang, from Jiangsu province in China, said she trusted him and was sure to give up the precious child.

She said she was then hit with another blow when her cousin lied and said he froze to death.

However, after nearly two long decades of grieving, Zhang says she recently found out her son was alive.

The mother managed to find him after receiving confirmation that the boy was her child through a DNA test.

The now teenager is currently studying in secondary school, reports the South China Morning Post.

Zhang says she discovered that the boy’s “adoptive” mother was the younger sister of her cousin’s wife.

Mom who was told her baby was

She is now involved in a legal battle because the boy’s “adoptive” parents are demanding that she hand over the money they spent raising him.

But she refuses to pay because they adopted her illegally.

The mum hopes the couple will be punished for causing her dismay.

Her story has since gone viral on social media, leading to people sending messages of support.

One said, “Oh my god, what a poor soul Zhang is. His cousin’s family is just too terrible.”

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