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Man spends £1,500 a month not to age

Man spends ?1,500 every month to stop himself from ageing

A man has spent £1,500 a month to stop aging and says he would even consider freezing himself so he can come back in the future.

Leon Kurita-Goudlock, 36, says he believes in biohacking, a term for “upgrading your body” and says he decided to take action after watching his parents die.

The fashion worker now takes up to 60 pills a day and said he would like to live forever.

He says if living forever doesn’t work, he’ll do anything to get old.

Man spends €1,500 a month to prevent himself from aging

Leon, who was born in the US but lives in London, said: ‘I would like to live forever.

“My mother died aged 70 of cancer and my father died of cardiovascular problems aged 86 this year.

“The last 20 years of their lives were total misery, they took care of each other, they both had cancer and other illnesses like diabetes, heart failure, heart attacks and could barely walk .

Man spends €1,500 a month to prevent himself from aging

“At this time, why are you alive? There’s nothing sadder than carrying your own parents up the stairs and giving them sponge baths.

Leon says there are five levels of biohacking, starting with less strenuous fitness and fasting up to level five, known as futuristic biological alterations.

After watching his parents struggle with their health, Leon decided to make some drastic lifestyle changes 10 years ago and started with Level 1 Biohacking.

Man spends €1,500 a month to prevent himself from aging

He says that every morning he wakes up between 4 and 5 a.m. and takes time to do some meditation, go to the gym and drink two liters of water.

He eats between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. and fasts the rest of the day.

He drinks water and black coffee to suppress his hunger and enjoys a predominantly Japanese diet with foods such as brown rice, seaweed, miso soup, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

As the father of his one-year-old daughter, Seline, and husband of 33-year-old Ryoko, he doesn’t fast on weekends and eats whatever he wants to balance out.

But Leon refuses to drink during the week and only drinks four to six units of alcohol on the weekends, often missing work duties due to his abstinence.

He added:

“A lot of people want a quick and easy fix, it’s not magic and a lot of people ignore the first level.

“Fasting is the most prolific thing I do.

“Water fasting is when you go three to 14 days without eating and the only thing you can consume is water and salt for electrolytes.

“I do a ten-day water fast once a year. I feel stronger than the others as if I had conquered something.

“I once did a dry fast, which is more controversial. I did four days of fasting without food or water. I was fine but I wouldn’t do it again.

Leon says fasting helps control all blood markers and improves your cholesterol levels and cell function and allows homeostasis – biological stability – to return to the body to reverse aging.

Moving up, level two consists of different types of therapies such as red light therapy, infrared therapy, and taking lesser known supplements.

Leon said, “I take 60 pills a day and spend a few thousand dollars every month on supplements.

“I do red light therapy once a day for 45 minutes to diminish the aesthetic stages of aging.

“It may take a while and won’t be a magic bullet for Benjamin Button, but it can reverse the aging process.”

The father-of-one also uses cryotherapy – sitting in a freezing tank filled with liquid nitrogen and sitting in ice baths for three minutes at a time to reduce the effects of aging.

Leon added: “I have colon hydrotherapy every six months – that’s when they stick a tube of water on you a** and clean out your colon.” It costs £80.

“You’d be horrified at all the stuff that comes out – there are days and weeks of faeces and even cysts.”

Next, Leon will undergo a colonoscopy – a camera inserted into his rectum to ensure his bowels are healthy.

Leon said: “Health comes first, including family and friends.

“I wear the same clothes every day and would rather take an ice bath and buy a new selection of supplements than buy new things.”

“I go to Harley Street for my tests and have had a 3D scan of my heart and extensive blood work that tests 100 biomarkers for a complete picture of my health.”

Level four of biohacking is quite advanced and involves stem cell therapy, hormone therapy, pep tides, drinking your own urine, and taking prescription drugs.

He added: “Stem cells are things that keep us young but they decrease with age.

“There’s a famous doctor in Utah who treats the whole body with stem cells.

“The treatment I’m going to do one day costs $120,000 (£102,000) and they inject every joint in your body with stem cells – including your private parts – to make you young again.”

“People are embarrassed about hormone therapy, especially men, because there’s a stigma if you have low testosterone your d*** doesn’t work, but that’s something you should address.

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