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‘Leave me alone’ – Trump reveals his response whenever his wife Melania complains he looks ‘angry and upset’

?Leave me alone?- Trump reveals his response whenever his wife Melania complains about him looking ?angry and upset

Former US President Donald Trump has admitted he told his wife Melania to ‘leave me alone’ when she says he comes home looking ‘angry and upset’.

Trump gave another glimpse into his relationship with his wife near the end of his more than hour-long speech on Tuesday, Nov. 15 when he kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump said “this is no ride for our great first lady” and asked Melania to stand during his announcement speech at Mar-a-Lago.

“I come home and she says – they really like her – and she says, ‘You look angry and upset,’ and I say, ‘Leave me alone, I get it’. Donald said.

“It hasn’t been easy, but she’s been a great first lady and people love her.”

Donald beamed at Melania, whose reaction was not visible through a live broadcast of the event. She entered the room holding her husband’s hand and sat down at the front left of the packed Mar-a-Lago room. When Donald’s speech ended, Melania joined him on stage, smiling and waving as they held hands.

Trump officially kicked off his 2024 campaign on Tuesday and Melania appeared excited at her husband’s announcement event. She sat next to their son Barron Trump, and the two followed Donald as he greeted guests at Mar-a-Lago on his way out.

Before mentioning Melania, Donald also hailed his second eldest son, Eric Trump.

“My only boy, get up,” Donald said. I think he’s had more subpoenas than any man in the history of our country. Al Capone had a lot less. Billy the kid hardly got any. Jesse James, none. Eric Trump, he’s a doctor of subpoenas.

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