Lady tells how she started ‘sweating in a cold flat’ after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her

Lady recounts how she began

A lady has told how she started sweating in a cold apartment after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Sharing her story on Twitter, @Nwando_ revealed that she has every reason not to believe in love.

The lady who recalled how her ex-boyfriend sent money to another lady to perform a medical test so they could have rough sex, further revealed that he recorded her name girlfriend with the same name he had used to save his.

The Twitter user revealed that she had started ‘sweating in a cold room’ as she opened the chats and she also realized that the lady had said she was a beauty queen and that she liked her pictures on social media.

She wrote;

You see, I’ve been given every reason you can think of not to believe in love, but I still do and I applaud those who do. Because some days I’m alone and I remember how this man I loved so much said to another woman “I sent you money to do some tests, I need to be rough like I do it with my wife”

You know what was the craziest?? It wasn’t even that part. That’s how he changed his name to mine so I wouldn’t open the chat. I was looking at our pictures on his phone of our mini picnic and wondering- how do I message him??? I am here??

Phone buzzin.. It’s so hilarious, but I was sweating profusely in a very cold apartment. Exactly the same way he saved my name. I opened the chats and the only thing was that our dps were different

The girl says na “I know you always treat her differently, I’m jealous”

I say God, I do not see things during these little years that I am on this earth. I just remembered because the same beauty queen won’t stop liking my fgs pics!! Baby, there’s a reason you ain’t stuck, I know you know me, hope you know I know you?? I’m not your rival, I promise

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