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Lady explains why she would want her and her husband to have separate bedrooms

Lady explains why she would want her and her husband to have seperate rooms

A Twitter user took to the platform to explain why she wouldn’t want to share the same room with her husband.

According to @gaialect, she would like her and her husband to decorate their rooms as they wish and also have sleepovers.

She added that relationships, marriage and living together already have so many compromises, and she’s not sure why they should compromise their “sanctuary space” as well.

The Twitter user wrote;

I think I will want separate bedrooms when I get married. unless maybe if the bed is super big… no but still like we can decorate our own rooms however we want and have sleepovers… man I don’t know. I just feel like we would thrive in our spaces decorated the way we like it.

Relationships, marriage and life together already have so many compromises. why compromise our own sanctuary space. if we have the same taste then ok a room would make sense but if not we shouldn’t compromise this imo.

I bet you can say that physical touch is not my love language.

Imagine texting your partner from your separate rooms like “Hey you up?” & they’re all what you want (in a playful way) & you’re all… “can I come. can you slut me? PLEASE IT’S HILARIOUZ, not you wrapping yourself in that blanket and dragging yourself down the hall to them.

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