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Kidnappers Selling Human Parts Abduct First LASPOTECH Cycle From Ikorodu, Release Him After Collecting N200,000 Ransom

Kidnappers selling human parts abduct LASPOTECH undergraduate in Ikorodu, releases him after collecting N200, 000 ransom

Lagos State Polytechnic undergraduate Marvelous Omobobola who was kidnapped by an in-state kidnapping syndicate has been released after his family members paid a ransom of N200,000.

Punch reports that the 28-year-old victim went to school on Saturday November 19 to sign a SIWES form. After finishing, the undergraduate rode a tricycle to his hostel in the Odogunyan area of ​​Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The 28-year-old while recounting his ordeal said;

“I went to school on Saturday to sign my SIWES form as we were due to start exams on Monday. When I was done around 5pm I boarded a tricycle from my school to my hostel in Odogunyan. there was traffic along the way, so the tricycle operator diverted onto a street.

There were three of us in the back of the trike and a man sat next to the trike operator in the front. We asked why he left the road and he told us it was because of traffic.

Suddenly the driver of the tricycle parked next to a bus and armed men rushed at us and ordered us to get on the bus which was parked near a bush. We met people on the bus when we entered it.

Omobobola said the tricycle operator left to bring more victims, adding that the kidnappers seized their phones to keep them secret.

“They took us to the bush where some people came to sell us like goats. Some people in my group were taken to a room where they were killed and well-dressed people came with coolers for their body parts.

When we were told to undress, one of the captors saw the Celestial Church crucifix on my waist and pulled me away. He asked me what the crucifix was for and I told him that I came from a celestial family.

He then returned my phone and told me to call my people to pay a ransom for me before their leader, a certain Alhaji, arrives. He said when their leader comes back he can’t help me because Alhaji provides human parts for politicians and other people. He said I would be killed if he found me there.

Using Omobobola’s phone, the kidnappers contacted his mother, Ronke, and demanded a ransom of 700,000 naira. The mother said she entered into negotiations with the suspects and they told her to choose between buying a coffin to bury her son and raising money to secure his release. The kidnappers then agreed to collect 200,000 naira and after ending the call the aggrieved mother was seen begging for money including church members. She was able to collect 100,000 naira and sent it to her son’s bank account.

“I am not myself as I speak to you. I heard people crying on the phone and my son said the kidnappers cut two people’s throats like cows in a slaughterhouse. I was told to send the 100,000 naira to my son’s account for his release.

JThe kidnappers, after using his ATM card to withdraw money from a POS operator, used Omobobola’s phone number to borrow 100,000 naira from online credit companies. It was learned that the borrowed money had also been withdrawn and the victim was released at around 2am on Sunday November 20.

State Police public relations officer SP Benjamin Hundeyin, when contacted, said the command was on the matter, adding that the culprits would soon be caught.

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