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Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez has been branded a victim of ‘sexism’ after she was called ‘inexperienced’ for firing the director while producing his first film

Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sanchez has been branded a victim of sexism after a report on the film she produced called her an ‘unwelcome on-set presence’ and ‘inexperienced’

Sanchez, who is the girlfriend of multibillionaire Jeff Bezos while filming his first movie, has been hit by allegations that she presided over a crazy shoot that ended in the director’s firing, prompting insiders to say that she was the victim of “sexism”.

Sanchez, 53, self-funded “The Golden Door,” a psychological thriller starring “World War Z”‘s Daniella Kertesz and “Night School’s” Chris Rock ex-love Megalyn Echikunwoke.

The $2 million project, produced by Sanchez’s company Adventure & Fellowship, was filmed in Topanga, Calif., last year in 20 days.

But Monday, March 20 reports from those working in production said she was an “infrequent – and for some – unwanted presence on set”, adding: “But she and Bezos showed up, she more than he, and his teenage daughter was an intern on the project and even had a small role in the film.

Insiders who spoke to Puck News called Sanchez, who went public with her relationship with Bezos in 2019, “definitely a work in the over-the-top Beverly Hills sense.”

He also called her “inexperienced”, despite the fact that she owns her own aerial filming company Black Ops Aviation and has made documentaries in the past, including a short film about William Shatner’s trip to the world. space on a Blue Origin rocket owned by Bezos.

Jeff Bezos

The film’s first assistant director, cinematographer and script supervisor all quit during filming, according to the report.

And a source also said she had a “relatively plush” trailer while conditions were sweltering and craft services were dire, and asked to land her helicopter on set.

A source speaking to Page Six denied that she was inexperienced or overbearing with the crew.

“Of course, Lauren was going to ask to use her helicopter to film aerial shots. She was involved – she even brought her own jewelry for the actors to wear in the film. As for the lavish trailer, it was a 30-foot Star Waggon trailer, a room she shared with all the producers.

“It’s just sexist; Lauren has been producing for a long time, but not in feature films. She’s a Latin woman who financed a film with all women, which is no small feat.

The source admitted: “There were issues on set, it was a bit chaotic – it’s a $2 million budget movie and there were a bunch of newbies on set, new producers and semi-new directors. There was definitely more drama on set than Lauren is used to.

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