It’s been incredibly difficult – Shakira breaks silence on her shock split from Gerard Pique


Superstar singer, Shakira has opened up for the first time about her shock split from footballer Gerard Pique after 12 years and two children together.

The 45-year-old Colombian singer opened up about how difficult life has been as her relationship with the 35-year-old Spanish footballer crumbled in the cover story of Elle magazine’s October issue along with an interview depth with Lulu Garcia-Navarre

Shakira, who shares two sons: nine-year-old Milan and seven-year-old Sasha with Pique, made her first public comments on the split, saying: “Oh, it’s really hard to talk about it personally, especially more than that This is the first time that I address this situation in an interview.

It’s been incredibly difficult – Shakira breaks silence on her shock split from Gerard Pique

“I stayed quiet and just tried to take it all in. Um, and yeah, it’s hard to talk about it, mostly because I’m still going through this, and because I’m in the public eye and because our separation is not like a normal separation. And so it was difficult not only for me, but also for my children. Incredibly difficult.

She went on to say that the constant spotlight on her personal life has been hard on her family.

Shakira explained, “So it’s hard. And I tried to hide the situation in front of my kids. I try to do that and protect them, because that’s my number one mission in life.

“But then they hear things at school from their friends or they come across some nasty, nasty news online, and it just affects them, you know?”

The now former couple announced their split in June, with Pique already in a new relationship with 23-year-old public relations student Clara Chia Marti.

It’s been incredibly difficult – Shakira breaks silence on her shock split from Gerard Pique

Shakira was asked how she understood their long-term relationship was over, but declined to comment on her ex’s newfound romance, saying, “I think those details are kind of too private to share, du less right now – everything is so raw and new. I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and my family.

She also talked about having a ‘nomadic life’ and moving to Barcelona in favor of Pique’s football career instead of moving to the United States which was best for his music career.

The Hips Don’t Lie hitmaker explained, “And so one of the two had to make that effort and that sacrifice. And I did. I put my career in second gear and came to Spain, to support him so he could play football and win titles. And it was a sacrifice of love.

“Because of that, my kids were able to have a gift mom, and I have this amazing bond with them that’s unbreakable and supportive. You know, that’s it. That’s all I can say.’

Shakira also opened up about how difficult it has been for her and her sons, especially after her father was rushed to hospital in June after a “bad fall”.

She said, ‘Yeah. I try to hide the situation from them as much as I can. It’s really upsetting for two kids trying to deal with their parents’ separation. And sometimes I just feel like it’s all just a bad dream and I’m going to wake up at some point. But no, it’s real.

“And what’s also real is the disappointment to see something as sacred and as special as I thought was the relationship that I had with the father of my children and to see that happen. turned into something popularized and belittled by the media. And all of this while my dad was in intensive care and I was battling on different fronts. Like I said, this is probably the darkest hour of my life. But then I think of all these women in the world who are going through hardship, who are going through a situation as bad as mine or as difficult as mine or worse.

The Don’t You Worry hitmaker also explained the need to set a strong example for his children.

She said, “So you ask me how I deal with this. And I just manage, I guess, to remind myself that I have to be an example for my children, that I have to be what they want, what I want them to become.

“And I want to be there too for all the people who have shown me love and support. It is my greatest strength. It’s my most powerful motor right now.

According to Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Shakira and Gerard try to remain friends for the sake of their children, although their relationship is strained.

The split announcement followed rumors in Spanish tabloids that the couple were set to split with sources claiming they cheated on the star.

Shakira’s statement read: “We regret to confirm that we are separating.” For the well-being of our children, which is our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thanks for understanding.’

Spanish outlet El Periodico reported that the couple had been living apart for a few weeks after Pique was kicked out of the family home by the pop star.

According to sources, Pique has been leading a ‘party lifestyle’ in a bachelor pad ever since and enjoying nights out with his teammates.

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