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It gives me a headache. I don’t want him to kill me

He?s giving me headache in my head. I don?t want him to k!ll me - Little girl cries about her over active younger brother who is giving her a tough time while taking care of him (video)

Oh my god hahahah what about me having three boys/men after me actually the headache is so bad im crying did they leave me no way i am in pain for his whim with the ladies, how many have I comforted, how much have I fought, the other wants girls who look like Nollywood ladies but have a deeper home life. The next I keep settling the quarrel between him and his wife, the other day he sent his kids home to take care of, that his wife isn’t there, only for me to find out the lady is gone , I had to start begging her to come back. In fact, they are stressing me out in my head/heart/body. my parents are gone, I don’t know who to pass the responsibility to, you’re lucky to still have your mom,

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