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“If you’re not ready to raise children, don’t have any”

"If you're not ready to train kids, don't have one" - First lady of Anambra blames high crime rate on lack of parental care

Wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Nonye Soludo blamed the high rate of evils and vices in society on family neglect and lack of parental care.

The governor’s wife, who made the claim on Friday May 26 in Awka to commemorate the International Day of Families 2023, organized by the Anambra State Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Women and Welfare, advised people not to have children if they are not able to train them.

“There are many vices in our society today because the family foundation is failing. Parents are too busy to prioritize their children’s education,” she said.

“Due to lack of parental care, children engage in theft, worship, drug abuse, exam cheating, hooliganism, violence, gambling, smoking, rape and other crimes “,

“We must put our families first and put our children’s education first. Family is everything and the betterment of society starts with the family,” she said.

Ms Soludo expressed her dissatisfaction with parents who give their children away as domestic helpers and guardians who also abuse or mistreat children.

“It is sad that parents are turning away from their responsibilities and entrusting their children to strangers who abuse and mistreat these children. If you are not ready to raise children, do not have any or you give birth to the number of children that you can take care of and raise them to be responsible men and women in society. I also urge our women to stop mistreating and abusing their housekeepers. Show them love and treat them like your own children,” she said.

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