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“If she can’t subdue you, tell her another woman is coming”

"If she can

Nigerian journalist and publisher, Ogar Solomon, advised men to tell their wives that “another woman is coming” if they are not submissive.

“Dear men, there’s nothing wrong with loving your woman with reckless abandon. It’s okay to be vulnerable around her as long as you have a good woman with you,” he said. in a Facebook post on Friday, May 26.

“But stop being weak. Once a man is weak, there’s a very strong tendency for his wife to become a feminist. No matter what a wife has, her husband is the prize.

“Be strong. A strong man is an intelligent, industrious, competent and kind man. More like knowing what he wants, standing on his word and providing for the family.

“If she can’t submit to you, tell her another woman is coming.”

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