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I will definitely not vote for a Muslim/Muslim ticket

I will definitely not vote for a Muslim/Muslim ticket -  Cardinal John Onaiyekan

The Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Abuja, His Eminence, Cardinal John Onaiyekan has shared his thoughts on the All Progressives Congress Same Faith Presidential ticket.

Speaking at the 1st Synod of the Catholic Diocese of Osogbo, held in Ede, Osun State on Wednesday, October 5, Onaiyekan said the same ticket of faith is a political decision based on a calculation to win voices.

The cleric who said he would not vote for the same denominational ruling party ticket, called on churches to present facts on the matter to people, who will then make their own policy decisions.

He said;

“You will notice that the Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken no action regarding the Muslim/Muslim ticket of the Congress of All Progressives. The reason is that the Muslim/Muslim ticket is a political decision made by APC as a party on the calculation that it is their best way to win the election or secure their victory in the 2023 general election.

“There is no point in telling them not to make such a decision, all you can say is that they will have to accept responsibility for the decision they have made. I only have one only voter card and by the grace of God I will use it. I will definitely not vote for a Muslim/Muslim ticket. It is my decision.

“But since this is a political decision by a political party, what the church can do officially is bring out the fact and tell people that they have to make their political decision accordingly. “

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