I was misquoted – Police spokesman says after being challenged for a comment he made about officers slapping civilians

I was misquoted - Police Spokesperson says after being called out over comment he made about police officers slapping civilians

Nigerian police spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi has reacted to the controversy that followed his comment about police officers slapping civilians.

Adejobi who reacted to a viral video of two men struggling with an armed officer, had tweeted;

“Even if a uniformed policeman slaps a civilian, the civilian has no right to retaliate.

“More so, if he is in uniform, it is a disrespect to Nigeria to beat an officer in uniform. Disrespect is not towards the policeman but towards our nation and it is a crime enshrined in our criminal laws.

“So it was not what the police officer did that led to this, but the reaction of the civilians who actually assaulted the police. If the police assault a civilian, you report it and action will be taken for the rebuke, and not to do you justice.

Following the controversy that followed the tweet, Adejobi said he was misquoted and media platforms gave the impression that he “approved of violence by uniformed officers against members of the public”.

It has become pertinent to point out that the Nigerian police have been a vanguard of enduring democracy in the country through the aggressive protection of the basic rights of citizens and other members of Nigerian society. This has been evidenced in the continued penalties imposed by the police authority on officers engaged in the violation of individual rights, as well as in the laws in place when reported through any of the police complaint channels. available.

The Force PR officer reacted to a trending video in which individuals seriously assaulted a police officer and attempted to disarm the officer by dragging his loaded AK47 rifle, reaffirming the aggravated assault law as it stands. is listed in section 356 (2) of the Criminal Code. Southern Nigeria Act with Explanations. However, some media platforms deliberately misquoted him as condoning violence by uniformed officers against members of the public.

When a public official acts contrary to the provisions of applicable laws, there are ways to report such behavior and seek prompt justice, especially within the Nigeria Police Force. In the current case, the individuals resorted to self-help and assaulted the officers, attempted to seize the officers’ firearm and, in doing so, broke the law. It is well established that two wrongs cannot make a right, as such, regardless of the provocation, the action of the individuals was wrong in all its ramifications as they would have flagged the matter for prompt action. Emphasis on this has clearly been distorted on media platforms as a single tweet in a thread was maliciously read out of context with a mischievous caption “No Nigerian has the right to retaliate when police slap you. …”.

The Force urges well-meaning members of the public, all of whom are strategic players in policing across the country, to disregard malicious posts, as the current police administration is committed to ensuring that rights of all citizens, in uniform or not, are protected at all levels. .

Furthermore, the Force urges the people of Nigeria not to take the laws into their own hands whenever they have unpleasant encounters with police officers. Complaints arising from such encounters can be reported through the Police Public Relations Officers (PPROs) of the various Commands, the Complaints Response Unit (CRU) and through official Police accounts on social media platforms. Likewise, the idea of ​​jumping on and beating law enforcement officers in the performance of their public duties by members of the public they serve is criminal and disrespectful to our beloved nation, the Nigeria, and must not be allowed to escalate.





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