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I am saddened by the infractions that characterized the elections – says Tinubu, pledges to be a trustworthy partner that Nigerians can trust

I am saddened by the infractions which characterized the elections ? Tinubu says, pledges to be a worthy partner Nigerians can trust

President-elect Bola Tinubu condemned the series of violence that took place in different parts of the country during the election period.

In a statement issued today, March 21, the former Governor of Lagos called on all Nigerians to embrace the spirit of unity regardless of their feelings and prejudices in the election.

The statement reads

“With the conclusion of the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections, I congratulate all governors-elect and members of the assembly for earning the people’s term of office. The March 18 gubernatorial election held in 28 states and state legislative polls in all 36 states of the federation concluded the 2023 election cycle.”

The statement further reads

“However, I am saddened by the isolated violations reported during the elections and their consequences in some states. I strongly condemn it. Also, the arson report after the gubernatorial results were announced in a state did not represent who we really are: peace-loving people. The physical and verbal attacks committed are unacceptable and contrary to democratic ethics. Elections should be a celebration of our matured democracy and freedom of choice and should not be a time of heartache. I am particularly pained by the cases of ethnic slurs, which are capable of creating unnecessary mischaracterizations reported in some places.

My call is for us to rise above our differences, which, in reality, are less than the precious ties that bind us together as a people, regardless of the circumstances of our births.

Tinubu said as a former Governor of Lagos State, he can testify to the strength of diversity and unity.

“As President-elect, it is this spirit of inclusion that we have engendered in Lagos that I intend to integrate into national governance so that together we can reach our full potential. I will prioritize to expanding civic space and safeguarding the freedom of citizens to exercise their rights within the limits of the law.Indeed, the elections are over.People have voted to elect their governors and the legislators of the States that will serve them for the next four years Now is the time for leadership and governance.

In a democracy, the majority would have its say, but this majority should not prevent the minority from having its say. As democrats, we must protect freedom of expression. Winners should be magnanimous and those who did not win should have a big heart for tolerance and respect for the nation’s best interests.

As elected officials, the only way to justify the trust of the people and the mandate entrusted to us is to commit ourselves to serving the people. We must all work diligently and sincerely to improve the lives of the masses. As elected officials, we have no other mission than to be the bearers of the burden of the masses and to assure them of the better life that we promised them during the campaigns.

We must take urgent action to unite the people; those who voted for us and those who did not. We must defend the healing process by embracing opponents and supporters. As I said before, the time for politics is over. Now is the time for nation building, a task beyond an individual or a section of society. We need all hands wherever they come from on deck.

I am ready to work with all of you as president. I will be a trusted and dependable partner as we all bond together in common purpose and renewed hope for the betterment of our blessed country and our beloved people,” he said. he declares.

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