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Hunters arraigned for allegedly killing man and setting fire to his corpse in Adamawa

Hunters arraigned in court for allegedly killing man and setting his corpse ablaze in Adamawa

Adamawa State Police have arrested and charged no less than seven special hunters in the Lamurde local government area of ​​the state for allegedly killing a man identified as Danlami Kaura, setting fire to the corpse and inciting to disturb the ‘public order.

The hunters identified as Abubakar Hamman, 48 (president), Musa Mohammed, 38, Ibrahim NEPA, 35, Musa Ibrahim, 21, Ibrahim Jibrilla, 40, Abdullahi Siniya, 31 and Yusuf Buba, 39, were charged with alleged criminal conspiracy and found guilty. homicide punishable by death, contrary to Section 191 and punishable under Section 192(b) of the Perial Code.

The prosecution team alleged that the chairman of the special hunters and 6 other people caused the death of the deceased on May 28, 2022. According to reports, the deceased along with a certain Bashar Ahmed were violently attacked by the hunters at the as a result of which he suffered a serious injury to the waist and to the head. The prosecution team said that after the deceased was taken to Lamurde Hospital for treatment, the defendants stormed the hospital and fired shots which pushed everyone, including medical personnel, to rush to safety. Afterwards, the defendants allegedly invaded the hospital and took Danlami from the hospital bed to a nearby bush where they killed him and set fire to his corpse.

It was learned that while family members and friends of the deceased were grieving, Abdullahi Sabitu, 3 other special hunters drove a hilux van to the residence and fired shots. The mourners fled for safety reasons, which the prosecution said amounted to alleged criminal intimidation and incitement to public unrest.

According to the prosecution, the alleged offenses are contrary to sections 382 and 80 of the Adamawa State Penal Code Act of 2018 respectively.

At the hearing, SB Digil (Senior State Counsel II) and LM Dodo (Senior State Counsel I) appeared for the prosecution, while MP Dangi appeared for all defendants.

The case was then adjourned to November 29 for further hearing.

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