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Howard Stern warns Pete Davidson to ‘be careful’ in his pursuit of celebrity love after his new romance with Emily Ratajkowski

Howard Stern warns Pete Davidson to

American radio and TV personality Howard Stern had advised Pete Davidson to “be careful” in his pursuit of celebrity romance.

The comedian was the last to have a high-profile relationship with Kanye West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and is now dating supermodel and actress, Emily Ratajkowski.

Speaking on his eponymous talk show, Stern said: ‘[Emily] is a big beauty, but at some point, if he fucks that many women, he’s going to start getting a reputation for being like a bee – he pollinates and then leaves.

“You don’t want to become the guy who fucks celebrities, so he has to be careful, but he’s on a tremendous streak.” I say right away,” he added.

“This guy is living the dream and, you know, you can get a little jealous, and ‘God, why him? everyone knows about her big c**k,” he said earlier in the segment.

An insider alleged to Us Weekly earlier this week, “Pete and Emily have been talking for a few months now.”

Emily is said to be “in the very early stages” with Pete, but the source told the magazine they “really love each other”.

The insider said the duet was arranged by friends, gushing, “Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how smart she is.”

A tipster for Instagram gossip page Twome claimed to have seen Emily and Pete on a date in Brooklyn over the weekend, writing, “her hands were all over her and they’re clearly hooking up.”

Pete Davidson confirmed his romance with bombshell model Emily Ratajkowski on Wednesday night as the pair were spotted sharing a loving embrace for the first time.

Howard Stern warns Pete Davidson of

The couple met to celebrate Pete’s 29th birthday on Wednesday night after it was revealed how much he had fallen in love with the beauty’s ‘smartness’.

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