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Heartfelt Story of Kenyan Man Making Millions by Selling Matumbo, Mutura in US

One Kenyan, identified as John Kamau Karanja, is making millions from his business in Seattle, the US, along the Pacific Highway.

An owner of an eatery known as Lims Nyama Choma, he says that he is making millions through selling ‘peculiar’ cuisines in the ultramarine. He sells matumbo, mutura and nyama choma.

In his painful journey, as narrated to Chams Media, Karanja started as a curios seller in South Africa and Zambia before moving to South Sudan where he worked as a plumber.

An opportunity came knocking on his door when he heard of a Green Card Lottery from a friend while in South Sudan. He participated and won, thus relocating to the US.

Upon arriving in the States, he did menial jobs at various hospitals and care homes before discovering his skills in preparing nyama choma.

“One time at a friend’s party, I cooked for them nyama choma, and they were very pleased. Days later, I kept receiving calls from various people asking me to cook for them nyama choma at a fee,” he pointed out.

At one time, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship and started his first grill which did well. He says that he had built a big company within two years and even employed his family members among other people to work with him.

“It’s a family business, but let’s say that I’ve employed them(hahaa). My wife, Caroline Kamau, is the main chef while my son, Simon Kamau, works as a waiter. My other son, Steve Kamau, helps in accounting,” he stated.

However, he confessed that it has not been a walk in the park, as the US has strict rules that guide businessperson and their business, and one to obtain an operational license is an uphill task.

His customers are mostly whites, Kenyans in diaspora, and South Africans.

The business is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm. It’s closed on Mondays.

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