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He wants elections canceled to remain Nigeria’s only Yoruba president – Yoruba group hits Olusegun Obasanjo

He wants election cancelled to remain lone Yoruba president of Nigeria  ? Yoruba Group knocks Olusegun Obasanjo

The Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), in association with the Yoruba Assembly and the Yoruba Diaspora, has hit out at former President Olusegun Obasanjo saying he wants to be the only Nigerian President from the Yoruba tribe.

Recall that on Monday, February 28, Obasanjo held a press conference urging Buhari to force INEC to rerun the elections due to allegations of irregularities in the just-concluded presidential elections.

A statement signed by Olawale Oshun said Obasanjo “has no moral right to serve as a beacon in Nigeria”.

“Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo has no moral right to serve as a beacon. First, he is politically as partisan as any other Nigerian, which is his right but at the same time he cannot claim to be the Father of the Nation.

“We will be justified in imputing a motive and suggesting that this attempt of 2023 to want to make the elections unfinished like those of 1993 could simply be that General Obasanjo would want until his death to remain the only Yorubaman to have ever reached the leadership from the country.

“Gen. Obasanjo’s hand was heavy in the institution of the failed interim government of 1993, a process that eventually led to the restoration of the murderous regime of the army and General Sani Abacha and ultimately to the death of the elected president, MKO Abiola ; The townsman of Obasanjo.

The groups said the 2023 transitional elections which have already begun with presidential and National Assembly elections must be allowed to conclude while aggrieved parties must seek redress through the courts.

The group further stated, “We, speaking on behalf of the Yoruba people, call for the completion of the 2023 electoral processes starting with the national elections already held and ending with the state executive and legislative elections and all party or candidate can, as provided in the electoral laws, seek justice in our courts.Whoever emerges, however, has great unifying tasks ahead of him if Nigeria is to remain one.

“If General Obasanjo succeeds in intervening in the elections held under him, he should at least grant the current president the full prerogative of wanting to bequeath a free and fair election to our country. We pray that he is able to make it to the end.

“We also add that the military should completely avoid any temporary stalemate that may arise, as this is not unusual in all democracies. The military should also turn a deaf ear to any possible incitement, whether from retired generals or their soldiers. The world has moved on and the Yoruba people will resist along with other Nigerians should any misguided intervention take place in our regime,” he said.

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