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He threatens to poison me every time I deny him

He threatens to poison me whenever I refuse him  - 14-year-old girl repeatedly raped by her father in Ibadan cries out for help

A 14-year-old girl (name withheld) has accused her father of repeatedly raping her, alleging he threatened to poison her every time she refused to give in to his constant sexual demands.

The minor who lives in Olosan area of ​​Ayegun community in Ibadan, Oyo state pleaded with a vigilante group, the Oluyole Security Monitoring Team (OSST), to get her out of her father’s house before he destroys it.

OSST Commander, Olusegun Idowu, who confirmed the girl’s appeal to the Nigerian Tribune, said the girl and her father were taken to the group’s office where the girl opened up about the actions of his father.

According to the girl who cried throughout her story, “My dad had sex with me for a while. Every time he wanted to do it, he begged me. If I refused, he threatened to poison me.

“When it became common and I got fed up with the sex I didn’t want, I went to a private radio to report it. My mother’s name is Rashida. She is native to Ibadan but lives in lagos i know my dad’s family members but when i told his sister she was nonchalant she said i was lying against my dad.

“I want my father to be punished for his actions. He used to beat me for crimes that I did not commit. I want them taken from him. I don’t want him to know where I am being taken, because I I’m tired of all this.

The father, who was called Ismaila Olanase alias Baramo, initially denied having sex with his daughter, but later confessed to having done so once.

The father, who gave his age as nearly 40, however attributed his incestuous behavior to not having a wife at home.

“I am a native of Ibadan. I am an okada rider. I have three children by two mothers. My first daughter who is 16 years old is in Lagos State. She has the same mother as that of 14 years old involved in the current issue. The mother is also in Lagos. We separated about 12 years ago,” he said.

“My second daughter, now a student at JSS One, had once lived with me, but I took her to my sister in Lagos when I noticed that she used to loot. embarrassment at that time.

“My sister got sick and brought her to my brother in Ibadan. When the brother couldn’t bear her anymore, he brought her to me. She came back a few months ago.

“I have a wife who has a child for me. We were together until a few weeks ago when she went to see her family because of a disagreement. I lived alone with my daughter. What I will simply say is that it is not good for a man to live without a female partner.”

He spoke about his daughter who he says was kicked out of school for piercing her ears in multiple places and dressing indecently. It was also said that she arrived at school very late all the time.

“I wanted to bring her back to school with the help of a woman when she disappeared from the house,” says the father.

The publication learned that the girl disappeared when she went to the radio station for “an outcry to save my soul”.

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