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He can’t stand that his career is coming to an end

He can

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has urged Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo to seek therapy after his explosive interview in which he attacked the club, manager and former United players. Lily here and here.

Reacting to Ronaldo’s interview and the wave of controversy surrounding him ahead of the FIFA World Cup, the former Arsenal striker said on the ‘Kelly and Wrighty Show’

“It’s quite sad to see what Cristiano Ronaldo has done and achieved in his career.”

Wright said Ronaldo had never been the target of such criticism before and was struggling to deal with it now and should see professional help:

”For him to not be able to face the end of his career – it happens to all of us, it happened to me – you get a feeling of ‘is that it?’. He’s not used to hearing negativity but now it’s coming to him. It must be difficult for him and something he may need to consult about.”

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