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Hanks is not well. Let him get help now before it’s too late

Hanks isn

On Monday, November 14, a disturbing video of veteran actor Hanks Anuku made the rounds on social media.

In the video, he was seen in dirty clothes and wandering the streets. The video worried many people as they believed he had become mentally disabled, allegedly due to drugs.

Veteran actress, Shan George took to social media to dismiss the allegations, saying Hanks was fine and they were on a film set a few days ago.

Hanks is notHanks is not

However, her colleague in the industry, Adanma Luke seems to have a different opinion. In a post shared on his Instastories, Adanma said his colleagues should stop the lies as Hanks is not well and he should get help before it’s too late.

Read his article below…

Hanks is not

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