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Gov Wike bans use of residential areas as campaign offices

Gov Wike bans use of residential areas as Campaign offices

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike signed Executive Order RVSG-22 prohibiting the use of premises, buildings and structures in residential areas in urban and non-urban areas as campaign offices by political parties.

According to a press release issued by Rivers State Information and Communications Commissioner Alagbo Chris Finebone today, Nov. 15, the executive order also prohibits the display of posters or posters, or any other material in unauthorized places.

The statement said Governor Wike, while signing the order, condemned the relentless degradation of expensive public property, especially in Port Harcourt, through the display of flyers, banners, posters and all manner of unauthorized documents.

Executive Order 22 also states that “any political party, association or group of persons, however named or described, who wishes to use premises, buildings or structures located in a residential area of ​​any urban area of ​​the State of Rivers as a campaign office must obtain approval from the Rivers State Commissioner of Urban and Physical Planning.

The commissioner added that Executive Order RVSG-22 came into effect on Friday, a legal instrument that requires political parties to meet certain conditions before embarking on campaigning in various parts of the state.

The governor previously barred political parties from using public schools for political campaigns without approval from the state Department of Education, saying the department must be notified at least two weeks before any campaign date. in a school.

“The candidates will also post the sum of five million bonds in case the participants destroy the facilities of the schools.” he said

He said a local council chairman has the right to stop any gathering if approval is not sought.

The governor warned that the state government will not allow political parties and their supporters to disturb the peace in the state as the campaigns begin.

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