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Football fan who wore ‘Hitlerson 88’ shirt as he watched Rome derby banned and faces charges under ‘Fascism Act’

A Lazio football fan who wore a pro-Hitler shirt at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday has been banned and charged.

The Monte Mario grandstand supporter attended the Rome derby wearing a shirt with the name “Hilterson” and the number 88 – an abbreviation of “Heil Hitler” in neo-Nazism.

The fan is expected to face charges under the 1993 Mancino Act against gestures, actions and slogans hailing Nazism or Fascism.

Police quickly opened an investigation after the match and, through video footage, identified the individual as a German national involved in a pitch invasion during the Rome derby in 2009, according to Italian news outlet ANSA.

If found guilty, the supporter could face a prison sentence of up to 18 months and a fine of 6,000 euros (£5,275).

Lazio beat bitter rivals Roma 1-0 to move into second place in Serie A behind runaway leaders Napoli as three red cards were handed out in the explosive grudge match.

A group of Lazio fans reportedly chanted anti-Semitic chants at Roma fans, mocking them for “praying in the synagogue”.

Prosecutors are currently investigating the chants.

Rome’s Jewish community has since condemned the alleged anti-Semitic behavior.

Ruth Dureghello, president of the Jewish Community of Rome, wrote on social media: “An entire stand chanting anti-Semitic chants, a ‘fan’ in the stands wearing a Hitlerson jersey and the number 88, and we, as always, the only those who are indignant and protest.

“Could it be that everyone keeps pretending that nothing is happening?

Retweeting Dureghello’s statement, Italian Sports Minister Andrea Abodi replied: ‘[It’s] impossible to pretend that nothing is happening.

“I will do my part, as I feel the duty to do. Respect is due and is non-negotiable!

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